Social changes

LATEST: Over half of Boomers who use social networking sites will visit a company website or continue their search on a search engine as a result of seeing something on social media.
LATEST: Active, and agile US leadership will be required to bolster traditional partnership and fashion new ones with emerging powers.
LATEST: Population research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that by 2020 over 50% of the children in the U.S. will be majority-minority.
LATEST: The new volumes of data supplied by the Internet of Things will open up vast opportunities for medical practitioners in the areas of prevention, diagnostics, and therapy.
LATEST: Climate change over the next 4 decades does not represent a major threat to the US ski industry as a whole.
LATEST: The US will no longer go after President Assad as a war criminal.
LATEST: U.S. government purchases are expected to have a positive but modest effect on growth from 2016 through 2019.
LATEST: Important market drivers for the new melding of two-way and trunked communications businesses include the threat of terrorism, police and fire radio system integration, as well as the expansion of ...
LATEST: China's objective of pursuing a free trade agreement with the EU is expected to face more resistance.
LATEST: In India construction and vehicle manufacturing are expecting huge growth over the next decades.
LATEST: Young women are increasingly at risk of sexual harassment online.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: Gen Y is going to continue finding newer digital avenues to explore.
LATEST: Millennials are at one with the shared economy - as an educated, optimistic generation they will create their own employment.
LATEST: Some observers have expressed concern that non-strategic nuclear weapons could increase the risk of nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan.
LATEST: Ikea's low-cost TRÅDFRI smart lights first announced in Europe last year will soon get voice control for owners of Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa devices.
LATEST: A conventional gasoline-powered vehicle driven by a human will remain the most cost-effective choice for many years to come.
LATEST: Market intelligence to detect anticompetitive practices will allow African farmers to benefit from competition.
LATEST: Even if free movement is restricted in the future, political leaders of Vote Leave have come out with reassurances that nothing will happen to those EU citizens already living in the UK.
LATEST: Judicial enforcement of law could be displaced by blockchain technology.
LATEST: Medical is expected to be the largest market for smart textiles and could be worth $1billion by 2021.
LATEST: Tremendous room for future growth.18 Some expect 81.5 million smartphones to be shipped in India in 2015.19 The rate of adoption of PCs and Internet-ready mobile devices depends to a large degree o...
LATEST: A drop in the global need for oil will both increase problems in the Middle East and North Africa.
LATEST: Johne's Disease will not develop into a significant herd problem five to ten years in the future.
LATEST: The UK Government has made clear that it will not be seeking to 'gold plate' the rules coming from the EU and will implement them to create a minimum burden on business.
LATEST: The Open Banking API Standard could revolutionise how consumers manage their finances.
LATEST: The projected population of Israeli Jews is expected to reach between 9.84 million by the year 2025 and 11.40 million by 2035.
LATEST: Spending on working-age social security could fall by 0.6 per cent of national income.
LATEST: Muslims will shoot up from 23.3 percent of the population in 2010 to 29.7 percent in 2050.
LATEST: Drop in oil price and the expansion of gas production across the globe has left the Queensland csg/ lng sector on shaky ground and has made long-term planning of workforce skills difficult to predict.
LATEST: Self-driving cars could encourage a completely new group of people to own vehicles.
LATEST: As more consumers run local searches on mobile, advertisers are increasing their spending on mobile ad campaigns, and in 2015 it is expected that brands will have spent $8.3 billion on social media...
LATEST: Many worry that Bitcoin users could increasingly become consumers of a product offered by the few entities able to run and support full nodes.
LATEST: The fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles will continue to improve between now and 2030 reducing both direct and indirect emissions.
LATEST: Individuals will be deemed to be UK domiciled for income tax, CGT and IHT purposes if they have been UK resident in at least 15 out of the preceding 20 UK tax years.
LATEST: The impending decision by index-provider MSCI on which countries to include in its emerging markets benchmark could give more influence to China and Asia.
LATEST: In the USA, solid economic growth supported by strong consumer spending, a healthy labour market and rising wages will continue to drive outbound travel.
LATEST: A new Fields in Trust protection programme will create a legacy of 50 permanently safeguarded outdoor spaces across the UK and tackle physical inactivity.
LATEST: The amount of plastic waste finding its way into Earth's oceans could jump to two garbage trucks per minute by 2030.
LATEST: Fewer than 25 percent of IT jobs in developed countries will be held by women.
LATEST: The biggest market in the world in the future is going to be trillions of dollars spent in the sector of energy.

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