Social changes

LATEST: 79 percent of millennials expect responses the same day when reaching out to brands online compared with 73 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of baby boomers.
LATEST: Growth will slow in two categories of U.S. retailers - sporting goods and hobby stores where growth is projected to slow to 3.2% growth in 2016 after seeing 6% growth in 2015, and clothing and acce...
LATEST: Having a creative brain and a thirst for self-starting are skills most children will need when they enter the workplace of 2020 and beyond.
LATEST: IBM's new Watson for Cyber Security could very well become a valuable resource for cities that want their systems to be more secure.
LATEST: Tackling climate change will require shifting global investment flows towards clean energy, forest protection, and climate-resilient infrastructure.
LATEST: The risk of conflict in Sudan will increase by 20 to 30 per cent by 2030 owing to the combined adverse effects of climate change and competition over natural resources.
LATEST: The continued development of consumer culture and the growing availability of information will lead to increased public expectations about how care is delivered and the quality of the public buildi...
LATEST: In the Americas, IHS predicts centrifugal pump market growth to outpace that of the Asia-Pacific and EMEA markets, with a CAGR of 4.3% from 2014 to 2019.
LATEST: The U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union will increase uncertainty and will likely weigh on Italy's economic performance.
LATEST: Price of Brent crude will average just US$60.5/b a year in 2017-21.
LATEST: The gender gap in Scottish universities has suggested that by 2030 no individual course will be permitted to have more than 75 per cent male or female students.
LATEST: Parents forget that their children are going to grow up one day and Google themselves and all this content about them will already be out there.
LATEST: Space asset protection a new and growing contributor as space crowding becomes US national security threat.
LATEST: In the next 10 years, Millennials will be in the positions of power and making all the decisions.
LATEST: The next generation of Apple's iPhone is going to use VCSELs for advanced optical 3D imaging.
LATEST: By the year 2100, Asia and Africa are expected be home to a combined population of 9 billion.
LATEST: The AI virus from Europe had already spread to Russia, with the first outbreaks reported at the end of last year and the beginning of 2017.
LATEST: AI combined with data analytics could predict a traffic jam.
LATEST: The U.S. stock market could stabilize and recover and a rebound in technology stock prices would increase the appeal of an IPO for companies.
LATEST: EU regulations will eventually give veterinary practices a better understanding of product capabilities.
LATEST: Medical is expected to be the largest market for smart textiles and could be worth $1billion by 2021.
LATEST: China will remain a key driver of global economic growth and commodity demand.
LATEST: In the UK, roughly half (52%) say the large number of refugees leaving Iraq and Syria is a major threat to their country.
LATEST: Land-use changes will increase animal-tohuman interactions and globalization will raise the potential for rapid cross-regional spread of disease.
LATEST: Global Biostimulants Market Is Expected To Reach Around USD 2.81 Billion in 2021.
LATEST: The United States will need a serious strategy toward Tehran that transcends the JCPOA.
LATEST: Over the next 40 years, Asia's urban population is projected to increase from 1.9 billion to 3.2 billion.
LATEST: European countries will remain active and steadfast allies on the range of national security threats that face both the United States and Europe-from energy and climate change to countering violent...
LATEST: Israel will always need the political support of the international community and military and political assistance from the US in particular.
LATEST: A 59% majority of Americans say world population growth will be a major problem because there will not be enough food and resources to go around.
LATEST: The region of Southeast Asia as a whole is expected to increase its working-age population by 10 per cent between 2015 and 2030.
LATEST: A recent study from SMU on "Identifying How Firms Manage Cybersecurity Investment" states "CISOs who relied on third-party threat intelligence data feeds were the only ones that felt...
LATEST: In the U.S. individual state rules will still apply as to how Google's cars can be operated on public roads.
LATEST: Increases to the CCL discount available to energy intensive businesses in the CCA scheme who meet agreed energy efficiency or carbon reduction targets will compensate for the CCL rate increases fro...
LATEST: A national shift from stamp duties to broad-based property taxes could add up to $9 billion a year to Australia's economy.
LATEST: Durable goods suppliers in North America, Western Europe, and Japan will benefit as well from new export sales opportunities in nearby developing countries.
LATEST: Online travel in Southeast Asia could grow by 15% ever year for the next decade and be worth $90 billion by 2025.
LATEST: The reliance on security is only going to increase as the amount of customer data available multiplies and becomes a target for the darker side of the web.
LATEST: AI will be regarded as a radically different mechanism for wealth creation replacing tasks rather than jobs' and leading to the creation of new types of jobs.
LATEST: The IMF foresees and predicts a jump in world trade volume growth to 3.8% (from 2.2% last year).

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