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WHAT'S NEXT?: Global trade policies could be upended with a new President in the White House, Brexit, a potential break-up of the European Union and China reacting to these changes in profound ways.

  • [New] Bae Juice has plans to export to New Zealand by 2021, and is eyeing the US and UK markets in 2022. /
  • [New] In the coming years most of the additional demand for new electricity will come from low- and middle-income countries; we have the opportunity now to ensure that much of the new power supply will be provided by low-carbon sources. /
  • [New] China will take measures, including innovating yuan-based financial products for the international market and exploring yuan forex futures trading on China Foreign Exchange Trade System and supporting the development of yuan offshore trading on the condition that related risks are controllable. / CGTN
  • [New] Beijing's efforts to dominate the global semiconductor industry through the acquisition of advanced manufacturing equipment pose a threat to U.S. economic prosperity and national security. / FDD
  • [New] Over one-third of firms expect to increase the number of countries they sell to, with firms looking to expand beyond regional trade partners, identifying China, US, Australia and India as the countries with the most opportunity for growth. / Grant Thornton UK LLP
  • [New] The EU's Green Deal could see a drastic reduction in food imports to the region, which would heavily affect South Africa's fresh produce industry. / Farmer's Weekly
  • [New] Defenders of U.S. trade restrictions on China argue China's admission to the WTO and the explosion in trade and investment that followed allowed Beijing to grow richer and advance technologically to the point that it poses a significant security threat. / Foreign Policy
  • [New] The World Trade Organization is nearing a deal to end harmful fishing subsidies, but exemptions for developing countries could give China a pass. / Climate Home
  • [New] Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade will pause the support programme for the discounted car leasing worth RUB5bn ($67.5 mn), as the car market is seen as overheated. / Kremlin
  • [New] A price of $147 a tonne is needed by 2030 if the world hopes to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, almost treble the current price in the EU's Emissions Trading System of around $59 a tonne. / EnviroNews Nigeria -
  • [New] Government funding for retrofit and low carbon heat would drive investment and local job opportunities that will make an important contribution to building back better and to levelling up for people and businesses across the UK. / Energy Saving Trust
  • [New] South Africa was highly reliant on imports to meet local input needs, which placed the agriculture sector at risk when it came to availability and prices from source countries. / Farmer's Weekly
  • [New] The influence of global LNG prices on European gas prices is likely to grow further as domestic European output declines over coming years, and LNG import capacity rises, although Russian supply will remain a key variable. / The Peninsula
  • [New] There is room for more - China's import capacity is to rise by almost 50% on late 2020 levels to 107.9 million tonnes per year (mn t / yr) by the end of 2021, although LNG imports will have to compete with a planned rise in Russian pipeline supply, and higher domestic output. / The Peninsula
  • [New] Climatic disruption has recently highlighted how exposed UK fresh produce supply chains are to just-in-time imports, and high levels of waste are becoming an increasing policy and resource concern, as well as being a drag on productivity. / February 2020
  • [New] In the long-term, the United Kingdom Exports of Oil Excluding Crude Oil is projected to trend around GBP 896.92 Million in 2022. / Trading Economics
  • [New] Exports of Oil Excluding Crude Oil in the United Kingdom is expected to be GBP 896.92 Million by the end of this quarter. / Trading Economics
  • [New] Rules of origin under the UK-EU Trade Agreement could impact the re-export of imported third country goods from the UK to the EU if insufficiently processed in the UK. / USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
  • [New] The United States and the EU will continue to be competitors in the UK market with the EU having advantages of proximity, integrated supply chains, and trade without import duties. / USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Last updated: 22 July 2021