Sector Prospects

LATEST: The emergence of energy-efficient lighting technologies such as high-brightness LEDs in general lighting and automotive lighting will bolster the demand for COB LEDs.
LATEST: Boeing plans to open its first manufacturing plant in Europe with a facility in Sheffield that will produce trailing-edge actuation systems for Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft.
LATEST: The global natural fiber composites market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2015 to 2020.
LATEST: A strong policy focus on energy efficiency and green buildings could create 362,000 new jobs across the west coast of North America by 2020.
LATEST: Acid attack victims in India will soon be treated as disabled and granted disability benefits including reservation in government jobs and education institutions.
LATEST: Customers now expect building products to have IoT-enabled services for energy savings, security, and enhanced comfort.
LATEST: Chemical toxicity is arguably one of the clearest examples of where regulations have fallen behind the threat to the environment and human health.
LATEST: Chinese internet retail giant Alibaba Group Holding took a leap toward going global Tuesday with news that it will collaborate on payments with big banks in Europe.
LATEST: Plant disease epidemics represent a growing and important threat to agricultural economies, food security and natural environments.
LATEST: Yi Fuxian, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, believes China's population is much smaller than official statistics, owing to years of slower population growth under the one-child ...
LATEST: IoT Platforms, Hardware, and Software are at the cornerstone of success for IoT-enabled products and services.
LATEST: Health risks associated with e-cigarettes are unclear.
LATEST: Boosting the growth of manufacturing supply chains in the UK could contribute an extra £30 billion to the economy by 2025.
LATEST: Hubbert linearization applied to the EIA projection from 2031 to 2040 implies that the US natural gas production will peak in 2060 with aproduction level of 1,198 million tons of oil equivalent.
LATEST: Minkonet, a Seoul-based company, is rolling out what it says is the very first technology that will allow live-streaming of VR versions of popular video games to social media in the coming months.
LATEST: XS-1 may act as a deterrent for the Defense Department as threats to national security satellites have emerged in recent years.
LATEST: The next few decades are expected to see some 25 million km of new paved roads, thousands more hydroelectric dams, and hundreds of thousands of new mining, oil and gas projects.
LATEST: Increased trafficking of drugs, weapons and people across porous borders will remain a worldwide security problem.
LATEST: Investment grade real estate is a very cashflow stable asset and will continue to grow despite what happens in the economy.
LATEST: The latest forecasts suggest that market conditions in 2016 won't be dramatically different.
LATEST: Engineering efforts could shore up Tangier but saving the island and its neighbors will ultimately require action on climate.
LATEST: Policies related to privacy, security, intellectual property and even liability will need to be addressed in a big data world.
LATEST: Today's monitoring and software tools can measure energy usage and efficiency electron-by-electron, track circulation patterns, and anticipate how weather changes will affect indoor climate.
LATEST: Global companies will need to deal with aggressive technology-charged companies based in the Asia-Pac region, many of which are free from the burden of legacy systems and outdated business practice...
LATEST: Deciding whether telecom operators should be allowed to devote part of their network to certain services will be much simpler than deciding whether offering content for free.
LATEST: Shared cars could make 90% of conventional cars in midsize cities superfluous.
LATEST: The U.S. Intelligence Community has judged that the use of water as a weapon will become more common during the next ten years.

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