Sector Prospects

LATEST: Increasing world output of construction, mining, and industrial equipment and rising production of a wide range of other durable goods will fuel growth in the machinery and other segments of the ge...
LATEST: The European Space Agency has invested $11 million toward the development of an engine that could one day allow aircraft to fly anywhere in the world in just four hours.
LATEST: The construction of new nuclear power stations in the UK will require an investment of the order of £40bn by 2025.
LATEST: All consumers are using mobile devices constantly and expect modern technology everywhere they go.
LATEST: Governments could do so much by looking into their education policies and making STEM subjects their number one priority.
LATEST: Renewable energy technologies (RETs) could contribute significantly to the development of the energy sector in eastern and southern African countries.
LATEST: Data center operators will be challenged to deliver power to support both an HPC environment as well as traditional storage all under one roof.
LATEST: The UK will still remain an attractive country for the financial services industry in the future.
LATEST: Population growth and changing consumption patterns will require significant increases in agricultural production.
LATEST: By the end of the UK Parliament local government will retain 100 per cent of business rate revenues to fund local services, giving them control of £13 billion of additional local tax revenues,...
LATEST: IoT Platforms, Hardware, and Software are at the cornerstone of success for IoT-enabled products and services.
LATEST: Climate change will lead to a number of human health threats that range from premature death or injuries caused by wildfires or hurricanes to post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health ...
LATEST: Increasing economies of scale, more competitive supply chains and further technological improvements will continue reducing the costs of solar and wind power.
LATEST: There will be millions of small and medium-sized firms that will benefit from new materials, better robots, smarter software, and abundance of online services.
LATEST: The next evolution of digital health is going to be in social media.
LATEST: A foreign government or activist hacker group could announce it had both a new technology for which there was no defense and a plan to undermine major U.S. corporations.
LATEST: Weak commodity prices, declining grades and a fall-off in demand from China will continue global mining sectors' downward cycle well into 2016.
LATEST: The market for cancer drugs is expected to grow faster than any other therapeutic area.
LATEST: Greater integration of America's health care and housing systems will be essential to improve health outcomes for older adults and enable millions of Americans to age in place in their own homes an...
LATEST: E-commerce's share of retail will rise to about 28% of total sales in 2030.
LATEST: Current trajectories threaten science with drowning in the noise of its own rising productivity.
LATEST: The global military IT data and computing market is expected to achieve a cumulative value of US$605 billion during the forecast period.
LATEST: The demand for software talent in Europe is expected to grow significantly over the next five years.
LATEST: Technologies and gadgets will thrive based on how much they can interface with other technologies around them to provide value for their user.
LATEST: Spending on enterprise infrastructure will be driven by solid growth in the server and storage segments with CAGRs of 2.6% and 3.2%, respectively.
LATEST: A better understanding by national governments of the net costs of the current model of urban development could help countries and cities to identify more optimal urban expansion pathways.
LATEST: Urbanized areas run the risk of sewer systems clogging and spilling over into rivers and streams due to excessive groundwater or stormwater.

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