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New Normal

  • [New] U.S. retailers are experiencing a pandemic-fueled crime wave that is depleting inventories, sapping revenue, alienating customers and even threatening the safety of employees and shoppers in some stores. news-and-views
  • [New] Israel's nuclear deterrent must always remain oriented toward dominating escalation at multiple and intersecting levels of conventional and unconventional enemy threats. Jewish Business News
  • Funding candidates who might not prosecute people for abortion would alienate GOP allies needed for other parts of conservative donors' political agenda. Filter
  • Saudi Arabia, which sells all of its oil on long-term contracts to refiners, risks alienating customers if its sets monthly prices too high. BloombergQuint
  • The circumstances that led to nearly a century of dollar dominance were an anomaly, and experts generally do not expect any single currency or instrument to become similarly dominant in the 21st century. CoinDesk
  • Risk premia in the European Union have tumbled since the set up of both the European Stability Mechanism and unconventional monetary policy conducted by the European Central Bank. Finance Watch
  • AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco gives businesses near real-time visibility of all the IoT devices on their network and helps mitigate security risks, identifies anomalies in data usage and optimizes traffic classification reporting. 5G Americas
  • Technologically-savvy aliens could be powering their society using a hypothetical megastructure called a Dyson sphere to harvest energy from a black hole. Live Science
  • At the beginning of 2021, as businesses and hauliers were adjusting to their new normal in terms of trade, there was significant disruption to supply chains, particularly in Northern Ireland. The Irish News
  • Eighty percent of respondents believe that their business models will experience disruption because of changing consumer and economic conditions in the next three years. Industry Blogs
  • The Turkish central bank has hiked its policy rate to 19% from 17.5% after the expulsion of the central bank governor in March stoked fears of a return to unorthodox policy.
  • By early 2022, most Americans will have had their booster shots, and people will have adjusted to a new normal of intermittent masks and great care with indoor events. The American Prospect
  • Responses from over 1,000 UK consumers reveal a third will increase their gaming after Covid-19, while overall analysis estimates 75% of the net usage rise will remain, setting a new normal of mobile play over the next two years. The Drum
  • In the case of the LHCb anomalies, more data will soon be coming from an upgraded version of the experiment that will record collisions at a far higher rate, meaning that we should get a conclusive answer one way or another in the next few years. IAI TV - Changing how the world thinks
  • The coming years will see more advancements in the field of cybersecurity and detailed security against any kind of malicious attack online. Sky Blog Space
  • The NSW government would like to provide opportunities and establish a process that over time will normalise' the BEV technology. The Driven
  • Remote working has been a hot topic for the last year, and it looks like it will continue to be until the world's workplaces are able to settle on a new normal.
  • If the Taliban pursue moderate policies toward women that do not alienate other nations, and achieves political stability, Beijing might consider an array of investments similar to what it has done in Pakistan. Al Jazeera
  • The transition to shared, driverless cars could enable Singapore to eliminate about 80% of its 1.3 million parking spaces.
  • In a world where going digital is the new normal, cloud and data center colocation has emerged as a key component in achieving digital transformation, which has long been the goal of companies. Open Source Trades
  • If an alien species cannot be eradicated, a functional eradication could be limiting or even eliminating ecological damage, as has been observed in the case of P. rusticus in North America. Frontiers

Last updated: 19 September 2021