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WHAT'S NEXT?: Automated vehicles could lead to a significant increase in vehicle-sharing and a significant reduction in the size of the global vehicle fleet, emissions, travel time, associated infrastructure and costs. By 2030, electric vehicles could represent about 30 percent of all new cars sold globally. Future connected car applications will drive a 150% increase in demand for contextual information between now and 2020.

  • [New] Climate change figured prominently in both speeches, with Biden promising greater government funding for green infrastructure and electric vehicles and $11 billion in climate aid annually by 2024 to assist poorer countries vulnerable to extreme weather and rising temperatures. Politico
  • [New] The German market for electric vehicles is expected to reach 2 to 2.5 million units per year by 2030, which requires expanding private and public charging infrastructure. IPE
  • [New] With a smart policy push, the long downward slide in job quality will reverse at the same time that the U.S. leads in building the vehicles of the future and combating climate change. Economic Policy Institute
  • [New] Evaluating strategic cooperative opportunities that could enable securing a stable supply of battery minerals critical for the electrification of vehicles and energy storage to the North American market. Global Energy Metals Corp.
  • [New] Gaussin is strengthening its global footprint, having inked a A$16m ($11.6m) deal that will see its hydrogen and electric vehicles manufactured in both Australia and New Zealand. Hydrogen View
  • [New] President Joe Biden is aiming for half of all new passenger vehicle sales in the U.S. to be electric by 2030, and California and New York have taken steps to effectively ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars in a matter of years. Washington latest
  • [New] BMW says it expects fully electric vehicles to account for at least 50% of global deliveries by 2030 and has announced that its MINI subsidiary will sell only electric cars beginning that year. CleanTechnica
  • [New] Vehicles placed in service before the end of 2026 would qualify for an additional $3,500 tax credit as long as their battery capacity is at least 40 kilowatt hours, increasing to 50 kilowatt hours for new vehicles put on the road from 2027 onward. IER
  • [New] For every 1% conversion of combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles in the US, there will be an overall power demand increase of 0.7% for natural gas. Investing News Network
  • [New] By applications, we expect automotive will enjoy the strongest growth in both the global and China markets, thanks to the rising penetration of electric vehicles, which have higher IGBT content than a typical ICE car. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Plug Power's investment in green hydrogen production will contribute to decarbonizing light-duty vehicles, freight-transportation, and logistics operations, and supports California's leading role in developing hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel. PlugPower
  • [New] With North America projected to see nearly 15 million electric vehicles in fleets by 2040, transit and fleet operators now have the opportunity to further reduce carbon emissions and increase operational resilience by charging electric vehicles with on-site renewable energy. Auto Connected Car News
  • [New] Approximately EUR 300 million in investment will be required by 2030 to build the charging infrastructure required for electric vehicles in Germany. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] U.S. production of new vehicles this fall will continue to be constrained by the chip shortage and the spread of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia. The Detroit News
  • [New] Osprey Charging has announced plans to install over 150 high-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs across the UK by 2025. Retail Technology Innovation Hub
  • [New] Assembly plants in southeast Asia have shut down as rising infection rates along with chip shortages - partly due to COVID - have led to a global shortage of semiconductors that will cut worldwide production by at least 7 million vehicles in 2021. Daily Profit Cycle
  • [New] The rapid move to electric vehicles - Jaguar recently announced that its entire UK portfolio will be based on their EV platform by 2025 - that's only 4 years away. Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • [New] While the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is predicted to increase, with major car producers like Nissan and Vauxhall committing to manufacturing plants, the sales of fossil fuel powered goods transport vehicles are reaching record levels. Climate Home
  • [New] Notwithstanding the benefits for reducing GHG emissions globally, a carbon market could be particularly valuable for Africa, as it can serve as a vehicle to channel new investment into energy security and renewable energy developments. Africanews
  • [New] The global chip shortage will cut GM's wholesale deliveries by about 200,000 vehicles in North America during the second half of the year compared with the 1.1m it delivered in the first half of the year. Just Auto
  • [New] North America is expected to be the second largest automotive control arms market due to an increase in the demand for new passenger and commercial vehicles. The Cloud Tribune

Last updated: 25 September 2021