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Cloud computing

  • [New] There is no reason to think MIIT's new policy will not play a similar role in collecting software vulnerabilities that support China's espionage. / The Hill
  • [New] The Microsoft Exchange server hack that the U.S. just attributed to China could become an even more common and dangerous occurrence with the announcement of China's new rules for software vulnerabilities. / The Hill
  • [New] China's top cyber regulator warned several big techs over explicit material and exploitation of children on their platforms. / PingWest
  • [New] Now that Google and Samsung have partnered to build a new platform - and Samsung's new watches are rumored to feature a beefy new processor - it seems like Qualcomm's finally feeling pressure, announcing it will roll out new Snapdragon Wear platforms in 2022. / Gizmodo
  • [New] Social media and commercial platforms like Google are classifying and individualising content to a point which could have a direct impact on an individual's life. / EdTechReview
  • [New] Data-driven organizations around the world rely on Immuta to speed time to data, safely share more data with more users, and mitigate the risk of data leaks and breaches. / Tedx Brussels
  • [New] By 2035 scientists will leave their physical laboratories and move to virtual labs, letting smart technologies conduct experiments and compute rapid analysis on big datasets within a relative short time. / Frontiers
  • [New] Different organizations will adopt collaboration platforms that, in addition to Zoom and Microsoft, include offerings from Cisco, Slack, and a host of other services. / IT Business Edge
  • [New] The TV ad will run for six weeks, starting in August, on national screens, video on demand, Spotify and social platforms. / KamCity
  • [New] At public preview, Cloud IDS will integrate with Splunk Cloud Platform, Splunk Enterprise Platform, Exabeam Advanced Analytics, The Devo Platform, and Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR. / Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] Advanced computing power, open-system architecture Perigon will have the ability to provide 20 times the processing power of Collins' existing flight control computers, thousands of which are currently in service on a multitude of platforms worldwide. / Newsroom
  • [New] Continued improvements in branded content tools from the social platforms, combined with influencers' increasing role in lower - funnel marketing goals, will help drive more money into the influencer marketing space over the next few years. / Insider Intelligence
  • [New] Jointly invested by eCargo Holdings Limited, PJF Wines will be mainly focusing on Mainland China market, and through social media to promote consigned high-quality wines to customers and provide one-stop logistics solutions. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Under the non-exclusive agreement, Veoneer will develop, market and integrate a scalable Spectrum - Scan platform from Baraja to serve the automotive market. / Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • [New] With the immense pressure on companies around the world to innovate faster through software, they have been led to believe that hiring only the most efficient developers will give them a competitive edge to supercharge their digital transformation. / Design Thinking
  • [New] Starting in August, US-based customers will be able to make purchases from Shopify-powered businesses using the payment method. /
  • [New] As the National Venture Capital Association warns, the antitrust package's Platform Competition and Opportunity Act would effectively foreclose a key liquidity pathway for entrepreneurs and chill the creation of new high growth companies that produce new American jobs. / The Washington Times
  • [New] The global virtual reality in the healthcare market size stood at USD 1.56 Billion in 2018 is expected to reach USD 30.40 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 42.4%. / Yahoo Movies
  • [New] Baidu's Apollo services had serviced over 210,000 passengers by the end of 20, and will expand to 30 cities in the next 3 years. / Synced
  • [New] China will work with Central Asian countries to deepen mutual trust, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, and give full play to the role of the new platform of the China + Central Asia to help Central Asian countries accelerate their development. / Xinhua
  • [New] Tencent Cloud will provide infrastructure such as data centers, private clouds, and AI algorithm platforms for the innovation base. / China Money Network

Last updated: 25 July 2021