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Quantum Computing

  • [New] To help business and society reap the benefits of quantum computing, we have put a roadmap in place to build a 1,000-plus qubit computer by 2023. / AlphaStreet
  • [New] China will need to leverage emerging technologies, such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence, that increase China's lethality in offensive cyberwarfare operations and better secures critical Chinese systems and sensitive data. / Asia Times
  • [New] The quantum computer housed at Ehingen has a computing power of 27 qubits, but IBM plans to develop a quantum computer over the next two years with a computing power of 1,000 qubits. /
  • [New] Specific challenges for quantum computing Experts from the BMW Group have identified over 50 challenges at various stages of the value chain where quantum computing could provide a potential benefit in the future. / BMW Group
  • Fime, a Paris-based firm that tests bank and payment technology, is now vetting checkout technology against contactless specifications that Mastercard published earlier in 2021 to accommodate the growth of contactless and the threat of quantum computing. / American Banker
  • While quantum technologies are still maturing, companies are already preparing, with spending on quantum computing projected to surge from $260 million in 2020 to $9.1 billion by 2030. / VentureBeat
  • Even then, IBM's quantum computer will not be bringing any significant business value for users: quantum technologies are not expected to start showing any real-world usefulness until they are capable of supporting at least 1,000 qubits. / ZDNet
  • In the next decade, we will likely see the emergence of small quantum computers containing tens of error-corrected, also known as logical, qubits, or several hundred non-er - ror-corrected qubits. / BelterCenter
  • For the next decade, quantum computing will likely act as a coprocessor for the existing classical implementations of artificial intelligence, which rely on processing very large amounts of data. / McKinsey & Company
  • Orders will be sent to the quantum computer and can be further processed in traditional computers for data privacy and sovereignty, the quantum computer will be operated under German law. / Politico
  • 85% of global respondents are concerned about the security threats of quantum computing, a threat exacerbated by the increasing complexity of cloud environments. / Thales
  • There's a reason Google, Microsoft, IBM, and governments all over the world continue to invest heavily in quantum computing: they believe it will transform the world by solving issues that traditional computers can not solve. / Analytics Insight
  • Rigetti Computing plans to build a quantum computer with 80 qubits powered by its multi-chip quantum processor later in 2021 and make it available to customers on its Quantum Cloud Services platform. / TechRadar pro
  • Still others are most worried that Chinese investments in AI and quantum computing could allow it to leapfrog the United States in the long-term military-technical competition, thereby establishing itself as the world's foremost military power. / War on the Rocks
  • The results Nippon Steel and Cambridge Quantum Computing were able to achieve indicate that quantum computing will be a powerful tool for companies seeking a competitive advantage. / ZDNet
  • With Google officially announcing its quantum supremacy through a recent publication, crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts fear the judgment of their protocols against the power of quantum computers. / Entrepreneur
  • By accelerating the discovery of solutions to big global challenges, quantum computing could unleash positive disruptions significantly more abrupt than technology waves of the past decades. / IBM
  • A quantum computer capable of breaking 2000-bit RSA would be built by 2030. / Information Age
  • Progress in the field of quantum computing has been advancing exponentially over the past decade and the day is approaching when quantum computers will be able to crack all the existing encryption that protects people's data. / Insider Media Ltd
  • Xanadu's new funding will be used primarily to grow its quantum computer to about 1 million qubits networked together into a computing system by 2026, up from a 40-qubit chip now. / WSJ
  • For comparison, Google hopes to build a quantum computer in 2029 with 1,000 logical qubits - ones stable enough to perform a long calculation. / CNet

Last updated: 25 July 2021