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Energy Tech

  • [New] BHP will collaborate with Tesla on energy storage solutions to identify opportunities to lower carbon emissions in their respective operations through increased use of renewable energy paired with battery storage. / Green Car Congress
  • [New] To be located in Donghae City, the power generated by Bloom Energy will produce 35,000-megawatt hours per year of highly efficient, clean and resilient electricity, while capturing 4 million megacalories of thermal energy through the Power Tower and SK ecoplant's heat recovery system. / FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] Kerry called on governments to invest in clean energy, holding out the prospect of a clean energy boom worth $4 tn a year by 2030, and said new technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage would also be needed. / The Guardian
  • [New] China has proposed a target of carbon neutrality by 2060, and is expected to widely use sodium-ion in a variety of sectors including: electric vehicles, home or industrial energy storage, 5G communication base stations and renewable energy. / bestmag
  • [New] The NABERS UK scheme will deliver much needed transparency of performance in use for commercial offices and make a significant contribution to driving the improvements in energy efficiency that will be vital on the pathway to net zero. / Specification Online
  • [New] Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies: The United States and Germany will collaborate to accelerate sustainable energy in emerging economies critical to tackling the climate crisis and preventing the use of energy as a coercive tool. / The White House
  • [New] Available in IBM Power Systems starting in the second half of 2021, the new 7 nanometer technology is expected to deliver up to a 3 x improvement in energy efficiency over its 14 nm predecessor. / Internet of Things blog
  • [New] To support the energy transition, Indonesia could use carbon pricing and improvements to the regulatory framework to drive investment in renewables and energy efficiency. / World Bank Blogs
  • [New] The City of Sydney's plan will provide a clear avenue for developers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, supporting their transition to net-zero developments. / Holding Redlich
  • [New] In 2050 the capacity of electricity storage (excluding vehicle to grid) in each scenario represents 1.1% of the 15 TWh of hydrogen storage in Leading the Way, 1.3% of the 12 TWh in Consumer Transformation and 0.2% of the 51 TWh in System Transformation. / National Grid ESO
  • [New] Rare earths are a group of 17 metals critical in the manufacturing of numerous electronic products that power the global economy, including electric vehicles and wind turbines, and demand for which is expected to soar as the world transitions to clean energy. / Quartz
  • [New] NABERS UK will play a key role in driving the adoption of energy performance management of offices which will create a positive impact and push improvements in energy efficiency in offices in the UK. / BRE Group
  • [New] An unintended consequence of restricting water abstraction and water rights for the energy sector could be the failure to meet the UK's target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in a timely, efficient and resilient way. / Energy UK
  • Initiate early-stage testing of DAC systems operated by low-cost wind power - The Research Triangle Institute team will design, fabricate and test an early-stage DAC contactor powered by low-cost wind energy, increasing the efficiency of DAC technology operations. / Auto Connected Car News
  • The projects, housed at universities and labs in Arizona, North Carolina, Illinois and Kansas, are creating tools that will increase the amount of CO2 captured by DAC, decrease the cost of materials, and improve the energy efficiency of carbon removal operations. / Auto Connected Car News
  • About Drax Drax Group's purpose is to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future and in 2019 announced a world-leading ambition to be carbon negative by 2030, using Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage technology. /
  • The Seminole Tribe of Florida will receive $2,158,593 to install solar PV and battery storage on its rural Reservation of Brighton to power four essential facilities. /
  • The acquisition of Sofame will provide Thermal Energy with a n expanded portfolio of complementary energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction solutions, as well as a significant project installation base - with hundreds of individual Sofame units installed across Canada, US and Europe. / Thermal Energy International
  • The Greek Energy and Climate Plan aims to mobilise the investment of more than EUR 20 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2030. / GIZ
  • Across the UK, decommissioning oil and gas rigs, increasing wind power, carbon capture and storage and producing low-carbon hydrogen, could create around 275,000 jobs. / Institute for Public Policy Research
  • In the US, NextEra Energy wants to invest in up to 30 GW in new renewables capacity through 2024, after installing 5.8 GW of new wind, solar and storage capacity last year. / Windpower Monthly

Last updated: 25 July 2021