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Smart Cities

  • [New] The EU is doubling down on its commitment to delivering a transport network which is environmentally performant, safe for its users and is driven by smart solutions by supporting with €242.2 million 68 project proposals for studies that will lead to future infrastructure improvements. / European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
  • [New] Hyundai will operate a RoboShuttle service in Sejong Smart City in South Korea starting in August, along a 6.1-kilometer route. / Autoweek
  • [New] The smart city IT market is projected to reach an annual value of $34 billion. / Crust
  • [New] Horizon Europe 28 will help develop new solutions for smart and connected mobility and improved integration of inland waterways with broader transport infrastructure and energy systems. / EUR-Lex
  • [New] The global smart cities market should exceed US$ 2.5 trillion by 2025, as governments work with private sector partners to provide digital solutions and create a complete urban digital ecosystem. / The Asset
  • Turkey and Azerbaijan will exchange experience in the field of creating 'smart cities', a source in the Turkish government told Trend. /
  • By the year 2023, governments of the world will spend a great amount of money - to the tune of 150 billion united states dollars on initiatives geared towards promoting the construction of smart cities. / Blog
  • The European Commission has set out its vision for the decarbonisation of aviation in its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the result of which should be a 90% reduction in GHG emissions coming from transport by 2050. / Europa
  • IoT Continuum aims to accelerate the wide adoption and deployment of cellular IoT in Europe and beyond to open up new growth opportunities with significant CAPEX savings for customers in vertical markets such as Smart Buildings, Automotive, Health, Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing. / Orange Com
  • Nvidia today announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that it will work with Google Cloud to establish an AI-on-5G Innovation Lab to help accelerate the development and deployment of AI-based solutions for enterprises, smart cities and smart factories, among others. / FierceElectronics
  • We see investment opportunities across the five sustainable technology sectors that we highlight, but Asia, with a number of metropolises, is leading the global race to create smart cities. / The Asset
  • The major disruption in the global healthcare and supply chains, hospitals, insurers, governments, and logistics providers are reacting quickly for a more connected world that could support better address the current crisis and mitigate future ones. / Yahoo Finance
  • Smart homes, smart cities, manufacturing, fleet management, logistics, entertainment, and content distribution networks will be the earliest adopters, perhaps later in 2021, Mishra predicts, with energy, utilities, transportation, automotive, and fintech sectors following between 2022 and 2024. / Design Thinking
  • In the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the Commission announced its intention to adopt a Drone Strategy 2.0 in 2022 to reap the full potential offered by drones to contribute to the safeguarding of a well-functioning single market. / Dronewatch Europe
  • The Internet of Things holds the promise of connecting billions more devices over the coming years, with multiple opportunities in segments from sensors and connected cars to full-blown smart cities. / Capacity Media
  • In Serbia, Chinese companies are present in the telecommunication sector, security sector, and will have a role in the governance system throughout the 'Smart City' projects, especially at the local level. / chinaobservers
  • If cities in 21 emerging markets prioritised climate-smart growth in their recovery plans, they could gain as much as $7 trillion in investments and could create 144 million new jobs by 2030. / Transforming Society
  • Cat M1 will enable applications across different industries and areas such as smart homes, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, healthcare, retail, smart cities, and wearables. /
  • Technology has been identified as a key enabler to address climate issues, and the smart city strategy has become an opportunity to achieve the strategic objectives defined by the City of Amsterdam in a faster way. / About Smart Cities
  • Since then, major ASEAN countries have made ambitious development plans: Thailand aims to achieve 100 smart cities by 2024; and Indonesia aims for 100 smart cities in its masterplan. / pv magazine International
  • Just in China's larger cities with a population of more than one million, Smart Energy and Smart Building solutions alone could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 33 to 66 million tonnes annually. / China Underground
  • Three smart city trials being run in June by Envision in Rome are using IMX500 image sensors with AI processing functionality from Sony Europe. / New Electronics

Last updated: 25 July 2021