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  • [New] Xi stressed China is against any forces that harm Kazakhstan's stability, threaten its security or destroy the peaceful life of its people. CGTN
  • [New] If the West did not agree to Russia's demands to pull back Nato's footprint in Eastern Europe and reject any future membership for Ukraine, it would face unspecified consequences that would put the security of the whole European continent at risk. The Independent
  • [New] The White House has accused Russia of sending saboteurs into eastern Ukraine in order to stage an incident that could provide a pretext for an invasion if Moscow's security demands are not met. U.S. Accuses Russia Of Preparing 'False-Flag' Operation
  • [New] Russia denies that and in turn accuses the West of threatening its security by positioning military personnel and equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. Insider
  • [New] Russia has refused to rule out a military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if talks with the west on European security and Ukraine fail to go its way, while warning the latest discussions with Nato were hitting a dead end. The Guardian
  • [New] Cisco Systems has rolled out security updates for a critical security vulnerability affecting Unified Contact Center Management Portal and Unified Contact Center Domain Manager that could be exploited by a remote attacker to take control of an affected system. The Hacker News
  • [New] The West insists all countries must have the freedom to choose their alliances, while the Kremlin says that NATO cannot expand eastward, and that Western military cooperation with post-Soviet countries like Ukraine presents an existential threat to Russia's security. The New York Times
  • [New] Investors are subject to foreign securities risks including, but not limited to, the fact that foreign investments may be subject to different and in some circumstances less stringent regulatory and disclosure standards than U.S. investments. Rebellion Research
  • [New] Russia denies that it has fresh plans to attack its neighbor and in turn accuses the West of threatening its security. NBC News
  • [New] The government body defines a critical mineral as a non-fuel mineral or mineral material that's essential to the economic or national security of the US, as well as its supply chain, which is vulnerable to disruption. Proactiveinvestors UK
  • [New] The World Health Organisation nominates antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development. Beef Central
  • [New] Transnational organized crime is a significant and growing threat to the security of the United States and a major security challenge in other critical regions of the world.
  • [New] A new joint alert from the FBI, Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency, and the National Security Agency warns all critical infrastructure entities, including the healthcare sector, of ongoing targeted cyberattacks from Russian state-sponsored cyber operations. SC Magazine
  • [New] NATO is willing to listen to Russia's security concerns but Moscow must also recognize the fears and apprehensions of alliance countries. CBC
  • [New] The WEF lists failure of cyber security as one of the top risks over the next two to five years, as threats such as ransomware and nation-state-backed attacks proliferate and organisations become more reliant on technology.
  • [New] Kazakhstan will fully guarantee the security of foreign institutions and personnel as well as foreign investments, and continue to fulfill its international obligations and agreements. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China
  • [New] Rising awareness among car owners regarding importance of a good car security system coupled with increasing cases of car theft across the globe will fuel the demand for car security system.
  • [New] Private Relay does not stop companies from providing customers with fast internet connections, and security experts say there's been little evidence showing Private Relay will cause problems for network operators. Wired UK
  • [New] As a cybersecurity provider, any security breach of BlackBerry's software could compromise sensitive customer data, or result in danger for cars and drivers operating with its QNX software. Morningstar UK
  • [New] IHS Markit experts expect banks' risk appetite to stay muted as NPLs rise, boosting their holdings of government securities and increasing their exposure to sovereign risks. IHS markit
  • [New] Increased holdings of government securities could translate to increased exposure on sovereign risks for banks in Sub-Saharan Africa. IHS markit

Last updated: 18 January 2022