Risks & opportunities

LATEST: The collaboration between Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug cartels has created a critical threat to the United States.
LATEST: Growth in 2017 will rely less on the strength of the housing market and more on the ability of UK exporters to take advantage of a more competitive currency and pickup in global demand.
LATEST: All countries and stakeholders should see the New Urban Agenda as a critical opportunity to create the real change that our world will need in the coming decades.
LATEST: Rwanda will need support to transition to a mixed water economy.
LATEST: A hybrid war move on a NATO Baltic state could be the sleeper risk of the year.
LATEST: New services from outside the EU will probably have no choice than excluding EU users and possibly geo-blocking the EU when they introduce new services until they have the ability to ensure complia...
LATEST: 2016 will be the year when cities start leveraging their exponentially growing volume of open data to provide new services for travelers.
LATEST: GDPR will be a substantial driver of growth in Security and Storage markets in Europe.
LATEST: In Africa, failure to consider climate change in the planning stages of hydropower plants could lead to revenue losses of up to 60%.
LATEST: The UK's decision to leave the European Union creates uncertainty in relation to the way that data protection laws will be developed in the future.
LATEST: The global optical coating market is growing at a little over seven per cent each year and will be worth more than US$10 billion by 2020.
LATEST: The University of Birmingham's research into cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells could help the UAE city's desalination plants to develop a valuable energy source.
LATEST: WGBC has previously anticipated that the number of companies that have more than 60% of their building projects certified "green" will more than double over the next two years.
LATEST: In South Africa, growth is expected to be halved to 0.6 percent in 2016 owing to lower export prices.
LATEST: Solutions to the Global Mega Crisis will not emerge from new technology and associated infrastructures.
LATEST: Longevity and population ageing in advanced economies-and the opportunities and challenges it presents-are expected to have an impact on business models.
LATEST: Downside risks to oil prices could boost global growth in 2017 and expectations for rising term spreads may signal receding recession risks.
LATEST: Magnetite pollution nanoparticles need to be examined as a possible risk for brain disease.
LATEST: A megatsunami caused by the collapse of a volcanic island could destroy the entire East Coast of the United States.
LATEST: British SAS Special Forces could be preparing to lead an international team to take back control of any oil fields which would fall under ISIS control.
LATEST: Damages from climate change will be far more significant in Africa than in any other region in the world.
LATEST: Smart camera-based systems market is expected to gain traction and grow at the highest CAGR in the next five years.
LATEST: Climate and environmental change are expected to alter the patterns of risk in mountain areas.
LATEST: Over the next decade, annual apparent per capita consumption of fishery products is expected to increase more markedly in developing regions (+10%) compared with developed countries (+3%).

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