G20 watch

LATEST: Brazil was officially banned from growing GMO crops until 2003, so for years GM seeds from Argentina or Paraguay were smuggled into Brazil.
LATEST: ASEAN could create a new category of partner / member for Australia and New Zealand.
LATEST: High levels of immigration to Australia and a strong birth rate will lift the base population over the next decade.
LATEST: Emerging national electric power transmission & distribution equipment markets such as China, India, and Brazil will drive growth in the market while the US and major European countries will remain...
LATEST: New BPA-free cans will roll out across the U.S. and Canada through next year.
LATEST: The median age in countries like Japan, China, the US, and France will soon reach the 40s and 50s if current trends continue.
LATEST: A free trade zone between the EU and Canada will remove nearly 99 percent of customs fees.
LATEST: A coalition to fight the Islamic State that includes France and Britain will soon intensify the campaign against militants in Iraq and Syria.
LATEST: Visa-free regime for Turkish nationals in the Schengen zone could open a ''gateway'' for a new refugee influx to Germany.
LATEST: Both markets have now been in decline for three consecutive years and 2016 will likely extend that to four years as their economies continue to contract.
LATEST: Indonesia's population is expected to grow by 0.8 percent per year from 2016-25 compared to 1.7 percent in 1991-2000.
LATEST: Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands will resume exports to Russia first.
LATEST: There are risks that a renewed recession in Europe and/or Japan, or miscalculation by the US Federal Reserve in its monetary tightening, could cause actual tech market growth to be lower than forec...
LATEST: Mexico could take an additional 75-100 MB/D of light U.S. crude freeing up Mexican heavy crude for export.
LATEST: ISIL is under threat on several fronts in Syria and Iraq from increased Coalition and government operations.
LATEST: The United States hopes that an agreement between the warring parties' chief backers will eventually pressure Assad and the rebels to make the necessary compromises to end the four-and-a-half-y...
LATEST: Advertising revenues in South Africa's radio market are forecast to continue their strong and steady growth.
LATEST: Wins with Australia and South Korea could help soften the blow of China's exclusion from the biggest regional trade deal in history.
LATEST: A row within Turkey's leading far-right party could hold the key to the future of the country and potentially disrupt the continued rule of the governing Justice and Development party (AKP).
LATEST: Economists now expect UK consumers to exhaust most of the windfall from falling prices by the middle of next year.
LATEST: Durables manufacturing activity in North America, Western Europe, and Japan is projected to increase going forward and generate additional demand for gears.

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