G20 watch

LATEST: Manufacturers should look to explore opportunities to use the kakadu plum in food and drink applications as its supply escalates for potential global demand.
LATEST: China, India and ASEAN countries will emerge as key LNG buyers.
LATEST: Beef imports are expected to show further declines on lackluster demand for lean processing beef from Australia.
LATEST: The U.S. corn export projection for 2016/17 is raised 50 million bushels as U.S. supplies are expected to remain more competitive in 2016/17 with less production for Brazil.
LATEST: Cattle imports fell due to slowing shipments from Canada (-33 percent), despite higher shipments from Mexico (+3 percent).
LATEST: The United States is expected to be the most competitive manufacturing nation, moving China into the number two position by 2020.
LATEST: Firms looking to invest within the EU to serve the EU market will be more likely to choose to invest in other EU countries if they are uncertain about the UK's future market access.
LATEST: Austria, Finland, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom (UK) could all complete a coal phase-out within the next decade.
LATEST: The global printing equipment industry generates annual revenue of about $20 billion and is expected to reach nearly $23 billion by 2017.
LATEST: By 2030, China, India and Japan will be the worlds second, third and fourth largest economies respectively.
LATEST: Another risk to a company's license to operate is the narrowing gap in consumers' minds between a brand and its supply chain.
LATEST: The Western Europe OTT TV & Video Forecasts report maintains that the UK will remain the market leader.
LATEST: India will surpass China by 2025 as the world's most populous country.
LATEST: Steady growth of Mexico's economy and tighter controls along the southwest border mean the United States will not see another massive wave of legal and illegal immigration like it did in recent...
LATEST: South Africa's debt as a percentage of GDP will be more than twice that of Russia and remain so through 2020.
LATEST: Outside the GCC, growth has been revised down by 2 pp in 2015 to just above 1 percent, as oil production continues to be hampered.
LATEST: South Africa will not play "hard ball" if evidence is provided that South African exports are placing domestic productive capacity in Zimbabwe.
LATEST: South Korea will take unspecified stronger and more effective measures to make North Korea realize its nuclear ambitions will result only in accelerating its regime collapse.
LATEST: In Turkey, growth is projected to remain stable at 3.8 percent in 2016.
LATEST: Development banks at a national and subnational scale will be especially significant institutions in the discussion over finance and climate change.
LATEST: The proposed placement of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea is "going to happen" despite Chinese opposition.

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