G20 watch

LATEST: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Canada will find it easier to market beef in the US as labelling will be less rigorous than it has been.
LATEST: The ASEAN Economic Integration and its common market will make it easier for Southeast Asia's enterprise organizations to expand within the region.
LATEST: Australia is increasingly a major focus for international investors and is expected to continue a world-record pattern of growth for years to come.
LATEST: A further deterioration of the situation in Brazil could lead to a sudden repricing of regional assets.
LATEST: From the end of 2015 to the end of 2020, the adoption of cloud computing will generate more than 50,000 new jobs in Canada.
LATEST: Four traders of copper said they expect China to raise its copper exports.
LATEST: More migrants will come to UK than entire EU populations if Britain stays in single market.
LATEST: A tropical rainforest more than twice the size of France is at risk of being cut down, following news from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that the government is planning to re-open its fore...
LATEST: In Germany only 6 % of the converters expect improved conditions in the future compared to the 15 % of the total respondents.
LATEST: The urban population in India currently totals around 410 million people (32% of the total population) and is expected to reach 814 million (50%) by 2050.
LATEST: India and Indonesia will record the fastest increases in housing demand of the major national markets, fueled by rapid economic growth.
LATEST: The countries with the largest proportion of old people in 2050 will be Japan (37%), Spain (35%), and Germany and Italy (33%), Spain (35%), and Germany and Italy (33%).
LATEST: The U.S., Japan, South Korea, France and the UK will be the biggest growth markets for the luxury goods sector as a whole.
LATEST: Steady growth of Mexico's economy and tighter controls along the southwest border mean the United States will not see another massive wave of legal and illegal immigration like it did in recent...
LATEST: Russia announced Monday that a class of its fighter-bombers in Syria has been armed for the first time with air-to-air missiles for "defensive purposes" in a move that posed a potential r...
LATEST: The coming year is almost certain to see a broader Arab focus on Syria, Iraq, and Yemen as major threats that are at least as important to the Arab Sunni states as the threat posed by ISIS and Al Q...
LATEST: While imported LNG is set to be the key initial enabler over time it is envisaged that indigenous gas discovery and development will make inroads and gas pipeline reticulation will provide the logi...
LATEST: A dangerous policy that Trump could pursue would be to back away from America's security arrangements with countries like Japan and South Korea.
LATEST: The state of emergency declared following the latest coup attempt in Turkey could enable the government in Ankara to legislate without going through the parliament.
LATEST: The UK will not be able to meet its carbon targets without substantial de-carbonisation of transport, domestic and commercial heating and industrial processes.
LATEST: There continues to be strong projected U.S. growth in demand, leading to a projected shortfall of between 25,200 and 33,200 surgeons by 2025.

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